How to participate in audience-participation multis



We may change the audio for participants to the Twitch guest star feature.
Possible changes are as follows.

Participants join Guest Star
 If you have Guest Star notifications turned off in the Twitch notifications feature, you
 You may not be able to participate in Guest Star, so you will need to turn it on.
 (Voice chat participation is still not allowed. The host will turn off the microphone.)

BeatSaber sounds on Nekoyama Wanko’s channel
 Along with the above, it will be changed to be able to Raid and Request.

Steam version only.

【Required Mods】
(BeatTogether and MultiplayerCore can be via ModAssistant)

【Recommended mods】*Include them if possible.
(Can be installed via ModAssistant)
【Core mod】
(If via ModAssistant, you should not need to be aware of this).

*For those with BeatSaberplus.
Please turn off SongOverlay in BS+ when participating in multiplayer.
If an unowned score is selected, it may cause Beesay to stop.

【BeatSaber compatible versions】

*For those using the latest version*
Multiplayer may not be playable due to other mods.
Please be sure to confirm that you can play in multiplayer.

Each person selects one song at a time, and the round ends after one round.
Participation in voice chat is not allowed.
In order to make it easier for those who are not distributing/voice-chatting to participate.

【How to participate】
(1) Say ‘I’m Ready’ on kai_shimotsuki or nekoyamawanko‘s channel.
(2) Receive a passcode via Twitch Whisper.
(3) Join via BeatSaber online → Join with code (Together) → Enter passcode.
(4)Let’s Play.
(5) Finish in one round.

【To participants】
Please announce your participation only after ready.
 (Preparations after you have announced your participation are generally not acceptable).
 If you do not join within a certain time after receiving your passcode, your turn may be moved back or forth.
 Also, as the passcode is linked to Twitch Whisper
Please make sure that Twitch Whisper is ready to receive the passcode.
・If there is more than one person wishing to participate, two people may be at the same time, depending on the progress.
 (In that case, the three-song line-up will consist of one song for each participant and one song for one of the moderators.)
・The audio for participants uses Twitch guest stars, so please make sure you are ready to receive notifications.
 If you are unable to use chrome only, we will mute your partner’s music so you can enjoy your partner’s channel audio.

【Other notes etc】
・If a participant cannot use the guest star, the music on his/her partner’s channel will be muted.
 In that case, listeners should enjoy the music on NekoyamaWanko’s channel.
 (Please mute your partner’s channel for simultaneous delivery.)
・There are no restrictions on distribution/recording during participation, but clipping/mirroring is prohibited.
・If a participant is unable to return immediately due to a PC freeze or other reason, the order may be moved back or forth.
If you return, please let us know in one of the chats and we will try to accommodate you.